Welcome to Assault Course Construction

Assault Course Construction is a new advanced form of Rope Course Construction offering a series of progressively more challenging group training programmes for professional and semi-professional trainees from gym members and cadet troops to TA and military service personnel.

As with our basic Rope Courses, Assault Courses can be constructed on any scale and to any degree of difficulty. A variety of course features can be incorporated from tyre crawls and rope climbs to ramp walls and scramble nets. (See our main site for details).

Safety is the prime consideration in the design and construction of our courses, and all installations comply with the latest NGB and Health & Safety Regulations. On completion they are independently inspected by approved Governing Body officials, and a free follow up safety inspection is undertaken after the first year of operation.

We specialise in custom-built projects for both private and public sector clients and supply a quality product to an agreed cost and timetable. For those operating on a strict budget, we can also offer modular ‘ready-made’ constructions and flexible payment schemes.